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All Prince of Persia The Lost Crown missions and side quests

It isn’t a time-hopping adventure without side quests. Our guide covers all of the lengthy tasks that Sargon can undergo on Mount Qaf.

sargon and the six other immortals posing in prince of persia

How many side quests are there in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown? As you’d expect from a 2D exploration based game, most of the nine available side quests that you can take on send you to all corners of the map, searching and sword-swinging your way through to great rewards. As such, we’ve put together a guide to make sure you don’t miss any of them, including the locations of some hard-to-find NPCs.

Some of these Prince of Persia The Lost Crown side quests grant rewards that count toward completion of the map. These include PoP Xerxes coins, which our guide covers in great detail. And while these quests givers flesh out the lore surrounding Mount Qaf quite well, you’re going to want to read up on where to find all the PoP lore collectibles to get a better picture. Finally, head over to our review to see what we thought of Sargon’s quest to rescue Prince Ghassan.

All Prince of Persia The Lost Crown main missions

Here’s a list of all 9 main missions in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown:

  • Lost in Mount Qaf
  • The Abducted Prince
  • The Tiger and the Rat
  • The Path to the Sand Prison
  • The Darkest of Souls
  • The Celestial Guardians
  • Return to the Past
  • Father and Son
  • The Crossroads of Time

All Prince of Persia The Lost Crown side quests

Here are all of the side quests in The Lost Crown and how to access them:

Side Quest #1 – The Prophecy of Mount Qaf

a prophecy mural in prince of persia

Location: The Lower City

  • Obtained by visiting the unfinished mural to the southeast of The Haven. From the eastern exit, jump down past the undead archer and head along a side passage on the right hand wall.
  • To complete the quest, find all Spirited-Sand Jars. This quest provides a myriad of rewards, including Soma Petals and amulet slots.
  • See our Spirited-Sand Jars guide for the location of each.

Rewards: Arslan’s Glory amulet, Holy Fire amulet, Amulet holder, Azure Damascus Ore, Soma Tree Petal, and Soma Tree Flower. These rewards drop depending on how many Sand Jars are offered.

Side Quest #2 – The Lost Warriors

a fight against a fierce warrior in prince of persia

Location: The Lower City

  • This quest is received from an NPC called Nojan just before the Undead Prisoner sub-boss fight. He tasks you with finding and defeating all 8 of Ardashir’s soldiers spread throughout Mount Qaf.
  • The first soldier fought is in the Hyrcanian Forest. At the bottom of the stone slides east of the first Wak-Wak tree and west of the second, head further west to find a room with the soldier inside. You have to use a charge attack on the door to enter the room.
  • The second soldier is fought in the Depths, in the room directly north of the Wak-Wak tree to the west of the fast travel point. Take out the bug nests first.
  • The third soldier is found in the prison in the Sacred Archives. Once you defeat the jailer and obtain the Holy Scholarship Key, head to the southwest of the prison. This soldier is in the top room.
  • The fourth soldier is found on the Old Royal Road, which you can reach from the prison in the Sacred Archives. Requires the Holy Solstice Key. Head west to where the game began to find him.
  • A fifth soldier is found in the Pit of Eternal Sands, east of the first Wak-Wak tree in the area.
  • A sixth soldier is found deep within the Catacomb area of the Depths. Requires the Gravity Wings to reach. From the Wak-Wak tree right inside the entrance to the Sunken Harbor, head west and then north to reach him.
  • The seventh soldier is in the Upper City. After obtaining the Fabric of Time, head northeast of the room with all the constellations within it. He is in the building south of the Night Temple fast travel point.
  • The eighth soldier can be reached from the room in the Tower of Silence with falling ice boulders. Use the Fabric of Time to climb up a narrow passage where the ice boulders are falling. Then, travel east to find the soldier.
  • After defeating them all, head to the spot marked on your map in the Lower City to fight General Ardashir himself and obtain a Soma Petal.

Rewards: 8 Xerxes coins and a Soma Tree Petal.

Side Quest #3 – Ancient Power Unearthed

kaheva the blacksmith with a hammer in prince of persia

Location: The Haven

  • After finding your first Azure Damascus Ingot and obtaining the Chakram ability, speak to Kaheva the Blacksmith through the golden-yellow portal in the Haven.
  • Travel to the location she marks on your map near the entrance to Mount Qaf.
    Use your Chakram to lower the platform and complete the subsequent jumping puzzle.
  • Opening the chest will release a series of spiked rollers. To dodge them, make use of the leftmost wall.
  • Once completed, open the chest to obtain a Raw Ore. Return the Raw Ore to Kaheva.

Reward: The Shield of Mithra amulet.

Side Quest #4 – The Deserter

the deserter and sargon talking in prince of persia

Location: Hyrcanian Forest

  • This quest is obtained from the Deserter, an NPC found not long after the first Wak-Wak tree in the area. Must jump up onto stone pillars that lead to a secluded area.
  • To complete the quest, travel east and then south, riding several stone slides to the bottom of the area to find his friend that has met an unfortunate end.
  • Return to the Deserter with the Cannonball item. You can then head back to the bottom of the slide to speak to the Deserter once again as he mourns his friend.

Reward: A Soma Tree Petal.

Side Quest #5 – The Moon Gatherer

sargon speaking with the moon gatherer in prince of persia

Location: Sacred Archives

  • Shortly after arriving in the Sacred Archives, you’ll find the Moon Gatherer beneath a set of shifting stairs. Speak with him to begin his quest to hunt down pieces of the moon.
  • He will then appear in four other locations where you’ll have to help him out of a predicament.
  • Find the Moon Gatherer in the Depths, not long after obtaining the Shadow of Simurgh ability. Use the Shadow of Simurgh to fall beneath the elevator in the middle of the area. Clear the debris to set him free.
  • The Moon Gatherer is again found in the Sunken Harbor, southeast of the Pirate Village fast travel point and after dropping down into a well. You must defeat a giant crab to rescue him
  • His next location is in the main entrance room to the Pit of Eternal Sands. He’s trapped in a jar just above the Sealed Lair fast travel spot. Break the jar to release him.
  • His final location is in the Tower of Silence, near the end of the game. He’s located in the area west of the second Wak-Wak tree with large falling ice boulders. He is inside the coffin on a large enemy’s back.
  • He may be found later. Details coming soon.

Rewards: The Dragon King amulet, an additional healing potion.

Side Quest #6 – Motherly Love

a cryptic old woman in prince of persia

Location: The Depths

  • Speak to the Old Woman in the Depths, found in the northeast corner of the room next to the one Sargon lands in when thrown from the Upper City.
  • She requires Sargon to defeat Elrik, which is the boar from the Hyrcanian Forest boss fight.
  • After obtaining the Shadow of Simurgh, head west of the location Sargon landed in and further west of the fast travel point.
  • Here, you’ll encounter an undead version of Elrik; however, it plays out similarly to the fight in the Hyrcanian forest. Dash back and forth underneath the beast to make quick work of it.
  • Enter the room to the west to find the Old Woman’s children. Leave this room to trigger a brief fight against another creature and to finish the quest.

Side Quest #7 – Treasure of the Seven Seas

a pirate captain surrounded by treasure in prince of persia

Location: Sunken Harbor

  • Speak to the Pirate Captain within his lair, located east of the Pirate Village fast travel point, in the center of the area on the map marked with a beached ship.
  • He will request you find a magical parrot that leads to treasure. The parrot is to the east of the Pirate Captain, after a fairly straightforward platforming challenge.
  • Returning the bird to the Pirate Captain will reveal hidden walls throughout the Sunken Harbor that have chests of time crystals within. The Captain will also drop a Xerxes coin.

Rewards: A Xerxes coin and plenty of crystals to find.

Side Quest #8 – The Impossible Climb

a hermit challeging sargon to an impossible climb in prince of persia

Location: Upper City

  • This quest is given to Sargon by the Hermit, found east of the entrance to the Royal Quarters/Simurgh Gate. It requires the Fabric of Time ability to reach.
  • The Hermit will release three bells high up above him. You must navigate an extremely difficult platforming challenge, using all of Sargon’s abilities, to complete the quest.

Rewards: Azure Damascus Ore

Side Quest #9 – The Architect

speaking with the architect in prince of persia

Location: Upper City

    • Maryam the Architect is found in the western area of the Upper City. First, you must obtain the Fabric of Time to reach her.
    • Maryam requires you to find all 9 hidden chests in the Citadel, which are the chest-based environmental puzzles spread throughout the game.

Reward: A Some Tree Flower

While there’s only 9 quests in the game, the vast majority of them are lengthy adventures that add even more reason for Sargon to explore every corner of Mount Qaf. Once you’ve completed them and the main story quest, if you’re looking for more Metroidvania games to play – we have you covered with our best Metroidvania games guide.