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One of 2024’s best metroidvanias just got a huge free update

The next Prince of Persia The Lost Crown update is here, adding a boss rush mode alongside one incredibly welcome change to fast travel.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown has been my biggest surprise of the year so far. Ubisoft blends platforming and combat in some truly innovative ways with this Metroidvania, and it’s packed with more than enough to keep you busy long after the credits roll. To that end, another one of the game’s free updates is here, and this time it adds a new boss rush mode while making a pretty substantial change to how fast travel works.

The second major update for Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, ‘Boss Attack’ brings plenty of free activities and rewards to the Metroidvania game. It adds a new boss rush mode, where you can first practice against all eight main bosses at any difficulty and get stats for each attempt – but note that this is all in preparation for facing off against all of them in a gruelling gauntlet-like challenge.

Don’t worry though, as you can change all your equipped amulets for different buffs and your Athra surge abilities between fights, giving you a leg up if you know how best to counteract each opponent.

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You’ll get two new outfits for Sargon in the boss rush mode, including one based on the 2008 Prince of Persia game, so there’s plenty of rewards for pushing through and proving you can take on the game’s toughest challenge yet.

That’s not all though, as this update for The Lost Crown makes one small, but incredibly welcome, quality-of-life change. Instead of using the teleporters dropped sparsely across the game’s map, you can now teleport at the game’s Wak-Wak trees. So not only are there more places to teleport to and from, but you be able to switch your loadout, heal, and travel across the map all from the same spot.

Once you get into Mount Qaf you’ll want to get to know all the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Moon Gatherer locations alongside the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Spirited Sand Jar locations too, as both are a massive help on your adventure.

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