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Project Cars delisted following licensing issues

Project Cars is being delisted, and so is the racing game's sequel, following the expiration of Slightly Mad's licenses for certain cars and tracks

Project Cars delisted: The back half of a car chassis separates from the front on a rainy race track

Slightly Mad issued a Project Cars delist announcement on Twitter, citing the expiration of existing car and track licenses as the reason for taking the racing game off storefronts. The team will also delist Project Cars 2 for the same reason, though you have a bit of time before both games disappear off storefronts for good. Project Cars’ delisting will take place on October 3, and Project Cars 2 will vanish on September 21.

If you already own the game, then there’s nothing no cause for concern. They’ll remain playable even after Slightly Mad delists them, and the devs promised to continue supporting multiplayer for both games, though they didn’t say for how long. The only difference is, obviously, you can’t buy them after their delisting date.

For fans of racing simulators, this move may come as no surprise. Car and track licenses don’t last long, and for reasons typically beyond the pale of consumer and media knowledge – but more than likely down to limited returns by the time the licenses do expire – some developers often decide not to renew them.

The same thing happens regularly with Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport series. Despite Forza Motorsport 7 releasing fairly recently, Turn 10 already delisted it from storefronts. If anything, it’s a surprise Project Cars lasted as long as it did, since it initially launched in 2015.

“We remain focused on making the best racing sim titles, and we look forward to sharing more on the next Slightly Mad title when the time is right,” the devs said in the announcement.

As for what that title may be, Slightly Mad has worked on Project Cars for the better part of a decade, with Project Cars 3 – which isn’t being delisted yet – releasing in 2020. Meanwhile its previous franchise, Shift, hasn’t seen a new entry since 2011.

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