Best PC steering wheel 2024

The best PC racing wheels from Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Hori can significantly improve your experience in racing games like Forza Horizon 5.

Three of the best PC steering wheels

Are you looking for the best PC steering wheel? A wheel goes a long way towards enhancing your immersion in vehicle-based games, and besides that, the extra level of control and precision can even help give you a competitive edge.

Selecting the right model for you can be confusing, with such a wide range of features and price brackets to choose from – but if you’ve got the best gaming PC, you’ll want to grab a racing wheel so that you can have the best experience in racing games too, and we’ve picked out a number of options for you. They’ll all serve you much better than even the best PC controller.

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Logitech G923

Best PC steering for most

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Logitech G923 specifications:
Force feedback Yes
Rotation 900 degrees
Number of pedals 3
Wheel material Leather
Reasons to buy
  • Fantastic force feedback
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Comes with fantastic pedals
Reasons to avoid
  • Could improve more over predecessors
  • Slightly pricier option
  • Force feedback not widely compatible

The best all-round model combining good value, reliability, and great realism is Logitech’s latest force-feedback G923. It’s an iteration of Logitech’s already-brilliant G29, which is one of the most popular choices – and it’s not hard to see why. With 900-degree rotation, a hand-stitched leather rim, and stainless steel shift paddles and pedals, it gives an immersive driving experience in games without breaking the bank.

Priced similarly to its predecessor, the G923 improves upon the G29 with a new FFB system. This has a 1000Hz polling rate for fast feedback on what’s happening in game, helping you feel every rumble strip and tire losing grip. Supported games such as Assetto Corsa Competizione are specially tuned to take full advantage of that force feedback system, too.

Three pedals mean you’ve got a clutch spare if you want to add Logitech’s gear shifter to your setup later on down the line. There’s also a small LED rev counter, which helps you know when it’s time to change gear in games that support the feature. Whether you go for the Xbox or PlayStation-compatible model, both are certified to work on the best gaming PC.

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

Best premium PC steering wheel

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Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel specifications:
Force feedback Yes
Rotation 1080 degrees
Number of pedals 3
Wheel material Leather
Reasons to buy
  • Highest quality racing wheel on the market
  • Incredible Logitech TRUEFORCE feedback
  • Designed for professional sim racers
Reasons to avoid
  • Very expensive
  • Pedals often sold separately
  • Takes up a lot of space

While we reckon that most readers will be more than satisfied with something cheaper and simpler, if you’re after the very best racing wheel that money can buy, then look no further than the  Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel. This high-quality piece of hardware has been specifically designed for professional sim drivers and stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Besides its top-notch build quality, it also benefits from Logitech’s TRUEFORCE feedback. This is one of the best types of force feedback we’ve ever come across and it’ll help you feel every bump, every change of weather, and every change of terrain, just as though you were really driving through them.

It looks good and it feels amazing – but it’s kind of overkill. For its price, you could buy a whole car (admittedly, only a really cheap one, but still). To make matters worse, it often doesn’t come bundled with the pedals, so keep in mind that the high price you see on some websites exclusively covers the cost of the wheel.

Speaking of the pedals, they’re just as impressive as the wheel. Not only do they feel good to use, but they’re extremely modular – you can move them from side to side, you can adjust the resting position of their face plates, or you can configure it as a two or three-pedal set-up. It’s very much a case of being able to find what’s right for you.

So if you can afford it, and you have the space in your home (it’s a big one), then consider this as your racing wheel of choice. We don’t think you’ll find a better one, as we don’t think a better one exists.

Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive

Best cheap PC racing wheel

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Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive specifications:
Force feedback No
Rotation 270 degrees
Number of pedals 2
Wheel material Rubber and plastic
Reasons to buy
  • Decent build quality
  • Great for beginners
Reasons to avoid
  • No force feedback
  • Limited rotational ability

We’ve just shown you the very best racing wheel on the market – now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. The Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive is the cheapest you can get a racing wheel for without veering into the territory of dodgy, unreliable products that won’t work properly (or might just break after a few weeks).

It might lack the force feedback features that you’ll find with some of the more premium racing wheels, but both the wheel and the pedals have a decent build quality. They alone can go quite some way to helping you feel more deeply immersed in your favorite racing or simulation games. I’d also mention that if you’ve never used force feedback before, it can take some getting used to, so if you’re buying a racing wheel for the first time, it’s probably to get this one (or one like it) so that you can get used to the new setup without force feedback in the mix making things harder.

Another feature that sets it up well for beginners is the fact that it automatically centers itself. It can feel pretty great as that wheel slides through your fingers. Admittedly, some more experienced players might find this irritating (and it can’t be disabled), but I think it’s a pretty essential feature on a wheel that can only be rotated up to 270 degrees.

All things considered, it’s cheap, comfortable, and easy to use. It might lack some of the fancier features of the others, but for what it is, it’s pretty impressive.

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco

Best racing wheel for simulation games

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Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco specifications:
Force feedback Yes
Rotation 1080 degrees
Number of pedals 3
Wheel material Suede
Reasons to buy
  • Brilliant force feedback
  • High-quality build
Reasons to avoid
  • Expensive
  • Fiddly screw for fast release

Thrustmaster’s TS-XW is a great choice for the most hardcore sim players, giving you the closest experience to a real-life car. The belt-driven FFB motor gives the smoothest, most realistic force feedback you’ll find on a PC wheel, and every part of this setup is high quality. You’ll find something identical in some actual race cars, as it’s an exact replica of Sparco’s suede-covered P310 – which means you get the same ultra-grippy material that gives you great control.

With sims like iRacing having online 24-hour endurance races, FFB motors in some models can succumb to overheating. Thrustmaster’s embedded cooling solution should prevent any loss in force feedback performance, even in extended play sessions. There are quality medal pedals with adjustability for height and spacing – the clutch pedal comes in handy if you add Thrustmaster’s TH8A shifter, although that’s sold separately.

The modularity is a welcome addition too – get bored of your setup, and you can swap it out for a number of standalone rims in Thrustmaster’s ecosystem, such as its F1-style wheel, which is perfect for F1 2020.

Thrustmaster TMX

The cheapest force feedback steering wheel

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Thrustmaster TMX specifications:
Force feedback Yes
Rotation 900 degrees
Number of pedals 2
Wheel material Rubber and plastic
Reasons to buy
  • Superb force feedback
  • Excellent value for money
Reasons to avoid
  • Pedals rather lacking
  • Occasional rotational issues

If you want a model with full rotation and force feedback for competitive online games such as iRacing but don’t want to break the bank, Thrustmaster’s TMX is the best choice. It uses a superb belt-driven FFB motor with 900 degrees of rotation, which is similar to what you’ll find in Thrustmaster’s much more expensive models.

Of course, because it’s a little cheaper, you’ll notice that it is weaker in certain ways. For example, the pedals don’t feel very durable and seem rather cheaply made, and occasionally you’ll find that the wheel doesn’t turn as smoothly as it should, or indeed, as smoothly as a real car would. These are both pretty minor points, but they will niggle anyone who wants something perfect.

Nonetheless, it still manages to deliver on the force feedback front, which gives you a really fantastic in-game experience – and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for most other wheels as good as this. Always nice to have a bit of extra cash left over for more games.

Logitech G Heavy Equipment Bundle

Best PC steering wheel for heavy vehicles

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Logitech G Heavy Equipment Bundle specifications:
Force feedback No
Rotation 900 derees
Number of pedals Two
Wheel material Plastic and rubber
Reasons to buy
  • Really handy side panel
  • Buttons and thumbsticks on the wheel
  • Great capacity for rotation
Reasons to avoid
  • No force feedback
  • Auto-recentring annoying for some

Players who enjoy farming games like, Farm Simulator 22, or other games that put them in control of large vehicles are going to have a completely different experience to people zipping around in Ferraris and BMWs in Forza Horizon 5. Logitech’s Heavy Equipment Bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to have an authentic experience simulating these larger vehicles.

The wheel itself, while lacking in any kind of force feedback, is easy and comfortable to use. Being able to rotate up to 900 degrees sets it ahead of a lot of other wheels and on top of that, it also automatically re-centers when you turn it. This is especially handy for anyone who’s not used to playing with a wheel, though we appreciated that more experienced gamers might find this feature a bit unnecessary and annoying.

The wheel itself features buttons and thumbsticks so that you can keep control over your character when doing jobs other than simply driving and steering (e.g. operating farming machinery, or controlling your character when switch vehicles). The additional side panel also helps a lot on that front, and for many gamers, is the shining jewel in this bundle’s crown.

The side panel has over twenty-five buttons that you can configure however you want – these make it easier for you to control any vehicle, from tree harvesters to cranes, and chippers. It even has a loader stick to give you a further level of control. This convenience it provides, though especially handy for the kinds of games that focus on larger vehicles, can also be really useful in just about any driving game.

Outside of Farming Simulator, we recommend this bundle to anyone who loves Euro Truck Simulator, Elite Dangerous, Train Simulator, and other games of their ilk.

Playseat Challenge

Best sim racing seat

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Playseat Challenge specifications:
Dimensions 53 x 21 x 37 inches
Foldable Yes
Recommended user height 120 – 220cm
Maximum user weight 120kg
Reasons to buy
  • Perfect for a wheel and pedals combo
  • Reasonably priced
Reasons to avoid
  • Less comfortable than a regular gaming chair
  • Won’t fit with every type of wheel

Ditching the best gaming chair and opting for a standalone racing seat complete with mounts for your steering wheel and pedals, can help further immerse yourself within a racing simulator, giving you the seating position of a proper car. Sim racing cockpits take up a lot of space, which is why we’ve picked out the Playseat Challenge.

Unlike some other models, it’s foldable, with your wheel attached too, so when you’d rather be playing the best open-world games, your racing setup can be neatly stored out of sight.

The metal construction means your setup stays rock solid even in the most intense races, without any flexing to ruin the immersion. The racing car-style bucket seat is comfortable for long racing sessions, too, with lots of adjustability.

How we chose the best PC steering wheels

When putting this list together, there were several key aspects that helped us determine what was worth including and what wasn’t. These will also serve as important guidelines for anyone looking to buy one:

  • Brands: There are countless businesses out there selling PC racing wheels, and many of them are really tacky and will give you a subpar experience. You’re always much safer going with big names like Hori, Thrustmaster, and Logitech if you want to ensure you get a quality piece of hardware.
  • Force feedback: This feature will help give you a much more immersive driving experience, as it means that the wheel reacts to the different surfaces you drive across in-game. We’ve included a cheaper model without force feedback here and it’s worth thinking about whether this is something you want to pay a little more for.
  • Rotation: Some PC steering wheels will offer you a degree of rotation that’s comparable to an actual car, whereas others are much more limited. You’ll have a much better experience if you get one that can go to at least 900°, but like most things, the cheaper ones will likely have a much lower degree of rotation, so it’s important to question how important this will be for you specifically.
  • Further accessories: A racing wheel does a lot to improve your experience in racing games, but it can only go so far. Many gamers like to buy PC handbrakes or even chairs made especially for racing wheels. We’ve included a couple of these on the list for good measure.

Which racing games you’re playing should influence your decision too. Games like Forza Horizon 5 actively benefit from a wheel, but we’d stick with a gamepad when playing Burnout Paradise Remastered because of its arcade-y approach. That’s not to say you can’t have some fun with a dedicated wheel at your fingertips in any racing game, but they don’t justify the cost in the same way.

For more about how we put these lists together, read our how we test page. If you still have any questions, read the FAQs below:

Are steering wheels for PC worth it?

We’d say that if you’re a gamer who loves racing games and spends a lot of time playing them, a PC steering wheel is a very worthwhile investment. If you go for a top-notch wheel with force feedback and pedals in particular, it’ll really enhance your gameplay experience.

Why are PC steering wheels so expensive?

Each of the wheels on this list is a pretty sophisticated piece of hardware – especially those that have force feedback. Because of all the work that goes into them (including internal motors) they’re not cheap to make, and consequently, not cheap to buy, either.

Is a steering wheel easier than a controller?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the wheel you use, and, of course, your own personal preferences. We would say that someone who has spent a lifetime using a controller will probably find a wheel a bit hard to use at first, but will eventually get the hang of it, and then appreciate the extra level of control and precision that they provide.

Is Logitech or Thrustmaster better?

While we’ve yet to see anything come close to matching the  Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel, other than that, the two manufacturers are very evenly matched. They each have a large variety of models, which each cater to slightly different groups of people. When compiling this list, we’ve worked hard to identify the unique strengths of each one, and to highlight who they might be most useful for.

If you enjoyed this article, you might also want to read the story of how a PC steering wheel saved somebody’s life. For more guidance on building out your setup, read our guides on the best gaming mouse or the best gaming monitor –  each component plays its part in creating the perfect gaming experience.