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Project CARS' long list of launch cars has been revealed

Project CARS list

Project CARS will finally putter through the finish line next week, on May 8th, so Slightly Mad Studios has unveiled the full car list, or at least the full car list for launch, including cars from special packs and the first free car. 

Many cars can be found in this list, because this game is called Project CARS. You wouldn’t call a game with only one car Project CARS. That would be silly. I stopped counting at around seventy cars, so can confirm that there are seventy cars, and perhaps even more! 

The cars, of which there are seventy or more, come in 8 different classes: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Rogue, Ranger, Paladin, Druid and Karts. A few question marks appear in the list, denoting cars that are “coming soon”. 

Due to the many delays, Slightly Mad Studios is also rewarding players with free cars every month, starting with the fancy Lykan Hypersport

You can browse the full list on the next page. 

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Shriven avatar
Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Gumpert. Wins best named car for sure. Pretty certain it was the fastest car around the Top Gear track at one point.