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Project CARS’ sprawling career mode revealed in a new trailer

Project CARS career mode

With the release of Project CARS delayed until April, you’ll have to content yourself with Slightly Mad’s new dev series, Project CARS in-depth. The first video went live today, detailing the promising career mode, covering a broad array of motorsports. 

Direct your eyes toward the shiny cars and menus below. 

I appreciate the hints of roleplaying and world-building amid the menus and races. There’s a Twitter feed, where fans have a natter about your performance and potential, a history surrounding the drivers and a goal, one might say a quest, that hopefuls can work toward.

And, novelly, racers aren’t restricted to starting off in a rookie division driving cars destined for the scrap heap. If you want to start your career off racing the best Formula 1 drivers, then that’s exactly what you should do. Or you can start from the bottom and work your way up, in one or all of the motorsports.

Project CARS will launch on April 2nd.