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Take in the alternately sun-ripened and rainslick beauty of Project CARS in this trailer

Project PHWOARS.

Beyond The Crew, E3 hasn’t been big on brum-brums – especially as it’s the solemn duty of PC gamers to stick our fingers in our ears and pretend the Xbox-only sequel to the excellent Forza Horizon doesn’t exist.

But Project CARS does exist. And it’s impossible not to admire a game which takes all of motorsports as its remit and still comes out of it looking minimalist and focused.

Project CARS! You’ve got to shout the second word, as if the project could’ve been about kippers or American scene painting or anything, and the cars came as a real surprise.

“Create a driver, choose your starting point, and then aim for glory.”

Racing sims have always been particularly bold in trusting players to make their own fun; the same championship in Forza can be life-and-death or a doddle depending on your choice of engine. Power-gamers and min-maxers are guaranteed the least interesting time.

Let’s hope for some of that self-structured challenge in the finally-finished version of CARS, which as you’ve seen is out sometime in November. Or maybe you’ve played it in beta already?