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New free RPG is Genshin Impact meets Persona in a sci-fi open world

NetEase Games and developer Naked Rain revealed their upcoming free-to-play RPG, Project Mugen, and it's like Genshin Impact and Persona had a sci-fi baby.

Project Mugen: An anime-style boy and girl stand on a roof top, both with white hair

Project Mugen is an upcoming free-to-play RPG game, and it immediately caught my attention with its Genshin Impact-esque look. Naked Rain is developing the game and NetEase Games is publishing it, but we haven’t yet received word of a release date. Project Mugen could be the anime meets open-world experience many of us have been waiting for, judging by its official art and Persona-style teaser clips so far. It’s colorful, cute, and lets you get around in vehicles, even on motorcycles.

While we don’t know much about Project Mugen yet, we know that it has an urban sci-fi setting of sorts, with an open world. The third-person combat looks unique, featuring some interesting double-handed weapons that look almost like bladed yo-yos. NetEase and Naked Rain will fully reveal the game in a showcase on August 23 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET or August 24 at 3am BST / 4am CET depending on your region.

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You can also check out the official Project Mugen website for a closer look at the game’s current art, teasers, and more. The art style really sells it for me, as do the adorable characters. If you put floppy bunny ears or a tail on a character, I’m going to play it. The teaser also shows off its graphics, with glistening roads in the rain and immersive lights within the game’s futuristic city.

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