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An Eve Online FPS is still coming, but CCP is going quiet on things like Project Nova

Project Nova as we knew it is officially dead

Project Nova

Eve Online spin-off Project Nova has been in and out of development for ages, and now CCP’s take on FPS games is officially cancelled – at least in the form we’ve been seeing it. Project Nova is getting substantially retooled in a different CCP sub-studio, and now the company’s going to be much more careful about revealing its games early.

The FPS title will move to CCP London, as the “Project Nova codename is retired and the London team will find a new one,” as former game director Snorri Árnason says during an investor call (via Massively OP). Árnason says this was a creative decision, not a financial one, and that the team in Reykjavik is moving to other “Eve-related work.”

“We’re continuing to develop our sci-fi multiplayer shooter game concept, actively evolving it beyond the original scope for what was formerly codenamed Project Nova,” CCP Grendel tells fans on Reddit (via VG247) in response to the report. This decision was taken because Project Nova’s gameplay experience as presented at EVE Vegas ’18 would not have achieved our ambitious goals for this concept.”

CCP Grendel adds that “we are moving away from publicly announcing our internal project codenames and will wait until we’re ready for a full reveal. We want to show you rather than tell you how we have evolved this concept and we’re looking forward to doing so when the time comes to present this concept as a fully-fledged game.”

While we won’t hear about Project Nova again, the story with CCP’s Eve FPS remains the same – the studio’s working on it, and we’ll learn more when the developers are ready to show the game in earnest.