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Bullet hell shooter with new Steam demo is a shapeshifting Returnal

Project Tower is an upcoming third person bullet hell shooter with a unique shapeshifting mechanic and you can try it out for free.

Bullet hell shooter with new Steam demo is a shapeshifting Returnal: Key art from Project Tower which shows the player character sliding in a rocky, sci-fi arena.

If I had a dollar for every time I had been imprisoned by a mysterious race of evil creatures before being forced to fight to the top of a tower to earn my freedom, I’d have two dollars. It’s not a huge amount but it means it’s happened again, this time in Project Tower, a third person shooter which has just unleashed a demo you can try.

The first thing that’ll probably strike you when you take a look at Project Tower is that it’s definitely drawing on inspiration from games like Returnal. Combining third person shooting with bullet hell combat is a fairly unexplored genre in gaming, so comparisons between the two are inevitable. Where this new title differs from the earlier action-adventure game is its setting and a mechanic which promises to change how you approach the entire game.

As a prisoner of an alien race who has managed to subjugate all of humanity, the only way you can escape servitude is to fight for your freedom in a huge tower, aiming to reach the top and find your way out. The enemies you face will close the distance to engage you in melee combat and will also fire dozens of projectiles at you, forcing you to flex your dodging skills to be able to survive long enough to take them down.

You’re not just armed with a laser sword and a gun, though, there’s one particular tool in your arsenal that will help you get into, and out of, danger. You’ll be able to morph, changing your form into a variety of creatures. This helps you get the drop on your enemies as well as utilizing their abilities to make your escape should things prove too much. The game promises that this power will also help you solve the game’s many fiendish puzzles, as you’ll be using your brain as well as your brawn to get to the top of the titular tower.

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Project Tower is currently set for a third quarter 2024 release and you can head over to the Steam page right now to download the demo and try it for yourself.

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