Check out Psychonauts 2’s first playable level


Psychonauts 2, the sequel to the beloved platformer about a psychic agent-in-training, has just hit a major production milestone: first playable. By this, developers Double Fine mean that a section of the game is playable with first draft versions of audiovisual assets and gameplay systems substantially in place.

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We’ve seen early gameplay in art tests about a year ago, but this first playable level is a big step forward in that art assets, level designs, and gameplay systems are all pulled together for a 60-to-90 minute slice of gameplay. In the words of project lead Zak McClendon:

“First playable is the first time we’ve taken, and designed, a chunk of the game and tried to push it through the pipeline, and get it fully arted. It’s not shippable, it’s nowhere near shippable, we consider it pre-alpha.”

So there’s plenty that’s still subject to change, but it’s nonetheless encouraging to see the team making progress, and to get a first look at Psychonauts 2 gameplay. That’s available for your viewing pleasure in the video above, along with some commentary from the devs.