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Dead by Daylight style free Steam game launches huge new update

Puppet Master The Game, based on the long-running horror series, launches a big update with a new map and character for the free Steam game.

Free Steam horror game Puppet Master The Game gets new Underworld update - A Watchre, a pale-skinned man in a long coat and hat.

If you’re in the mood for some asymmetrical multiplayer horror in the vein of Dead by Daylight, free Steam game Puppet Master: The Game has just launched a major update with a new map and character. Inspired by the 35 year old series that embraced the inherently terrifying nature of anthropomorphic puppets long before Five Nights at Freddy’s, this horror game offers a mix of DBD style action with a range of playable characters on both sides of the board.

Puppet Master: The Game pits a solitary player against three of the titular puppets in a race to collect series protagonist André Toulon’s artifacts before the animated terrors can put a permanent end to their adventure. It also features three other modes – a co-op survival mode against endless waves of puppets, a variant of the base game type where the human is supported by friendly puppets, and an all-out puppet team deathmatch. Available to play as a free Steam game, its brand of campy multiplayer horror might prove a refreshing palate cleanser between rounds of Dead by Daylight.

The Underworld update introduces the new map of the same name, featuring the Egyptian temple of Sutekh and its portal to his shadow dominion seen in Puppet Master 4, 5, and Retro Puppet Master. Tweaks have also been made to the Fifth Floor, Attic, and Rick’s Lab maps.

Puppet Master The Game gets Underworld update - The new map, set in an Egyptian temple.

Also arriving from Retro Puppet Master is a new human character, the Watcher. This resurrected servant of Sutekh can project demonic energy ahead of them, damaging and ragdolling any enemies in the area it lands. Four new weapons have also been introduced: a femur melee weapon, a skull throwable, an ebony skull throwable that explodes with a small but high-damage radius, and a powerful grenade capable of killing anything in its blast zone.

Puppets have also been given some upgrades. A new night vision toggle will enable them to get the advantage in the dark. The Ninja perk has also been given an overhaul – along with removing your footstep sounds, it’ll now add momentum to jumps, increase your movement speed, and reduce the effect of gravity on you slightly. In addition to this, all puppets have been given a cel shaded comic book skin and a corresponding weapon skin, all of which can be unlocked for free using in-game experience.

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Finally, there are some balance tweaks, improvements to hit confirmation and feedback, and several other UI and quality-of-life upgrades, including full controller support, the ability to turn on first-person mode permanently rather than as a toggle, and the option to turn on streamer-safe music with original remixes of the Puppet Master main theme created by Spectral Fields.

The Puppet Master: The Game Underworld update is out now. Arriving alongside it is the new Dark Horse Skins bundle, featuring new skins, emotes, and voice lines for Totem Ravager, Leech Woman, Zombietoid, and Watcher. The cosmetic pack is priced at $7.99/£6.69. If you want to just jump in and check out the base game’s new update right now, however, you can play for free on Steam.

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