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Quake Champions director wants to make the Dragonborn playable

quake champions dragonborn tim willits

Quake Champions has already added some existing characters to its roster, including bonafide Hitler-killer BJ Blazkowicz and Hell’s own Doom Slayer. (Yeah, they called him Doom Slayer instead of Doomguy, I don’t get it either.) But it seems director Tim Willits want to expand the reach of guest characters beyond id Software properties, and dig into those that Bethesda proper own.

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“It doesn’t take that much imagination to see that we’ve been looking at other Bethesda titles,” Willits tells Gamereactor, “but we have nothing to talk about now.” But when pressed, he did say he’d want a nuke-equipped Vault Dweller (definitely not Vault Boy, though), or maybe Dishonored’s Corvo with his blink ability, or better yet Emily. It seems Tim’s spent some time thinking about all this.

But the Dragonborn tops his list, and a dragon shout would likely serve as his special ability. Willits further jokes that he should send an email to Todd Howard to ask for permission, but I’ve got the feeling those conversations have already happened. Personally, I’m only interested if the included Dragonborn is a lady with that clean faces mod that, uh, I hear other people play Skyrim with.

Quake Champions made its official Early Access debut less than a month ago, in the same update that added Doomguy. (Sorry, ‘Doom Slayer.’) The game should see its full release sometime next year, and don’t be surprised if some other Bethesda stars join the roster by then.