Block Quake mod turns the FPS into a LEGO game

The new Block Quake mod from creator Kebby_Quake turns the classic FPS into basically a LEGO game, with all enemies, items, and weapons remodelled

A grunt in the Block Quake mod, which is basically a LEGO game FPS

There’s a new Quake mod out that basically turns the classic FPS game into a Lego game, and it works perfectly with the recent remastered edition. Block Quake is out now and it transforms the game with all enemies, items, and weapons made over with a Lego look.

The Block Quake mod is the latest creation from modder Kebby_Quake, whose previous project turned Quake’s weapons into birthday presents for the game’s 25th anniversary. While Kebby legally can’t use the word “Lego”, the inspiration for these “familiar plastic blocks” is obvious.

You can pick up Block Quake here along with some straightforward install instructions. For Quake remastered on Steam, you just have to rename the mod file and put it in one of the game’s folders, then turn off ‘enhanced character models’ in the game’s menu. Hey presto, all of Quake’s iconic enemies, weapons, and items will now have a Lego-style makeover – including appropriate animations. The dogs are the best, in my opinion, as their figures don’t have any opposable parts so they just bounce around.

Kebby_Quake isn’t stopping with just models, either. They plan to turn Quake into the ultimate Lego-like FPS, complete with new sound effects, HUD, and the removal of any mature content to make it more “age-appropriate”. They’re also hoping to add original Blocky maps, even going so far as to “eventually” have a Block Quake community map jam.

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Will Block Quake make our list of the Top 100 best mods on PC? When it’s complete, it may well do.