Quantum Break PC is happening, but currently only as a pre-order bonus for the Xbox One version

Quantum Break PC

After the initial rumours that a PC version of Quantum Break was on the way thanks to the Brazilian Ratings Board, it’s been officially confirmed by Remedy today. They’ve also shown off the system requirements you’ll need, and detailed how you can get your hands on it for free if you’re buying the Xbox One version. It even has cross-platform save transfers, letting you progress as you like between One and PC.

Another for the upcoming PC games list. It is growing out of control. It must be stopped before we are all destroyed.

You can have a read of the full announcement on Remedy’s site herebut the jist is that pre-ordering the Xbox One version from anywhere will get you a PC copy. In fact, that seems to be true to the point where they aren’t currently offering it as a standalone. Presumably they will sell it seperately before it’s out, but for now it’s Xbox or Xbust. All the details on how it works, and when it stops being valid (April 4th) have a seperate page. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from pre-ordering it on Xbox One, then splitting the cost and game between you and a mate who actually has the console. Or, indeed, selling it on, unless the Windows store account and the Xbox account are inexorably linked.

The page also debuted the Quantum Break system requirements:

Quantum Break system requirements

These seem fairly hefty, particularly on the recommended side. Given it’s meant to run on an Xbox One, it should be able to do so on an equivalently powered PC, making these seem even more unreasonably high. We’ll see on release just how well the PC version has been put together, but given it seems to be going exclusively through the Windows store rather than Steam, I’d wait for our port review before picking it up.

They also used the news to debut a new, ridiculous live-action trailer:

I actually find the concept of Quantum Break fascinating, as I do everything that involves a healthy amount of time-messing. But it’s the same interest that drove me to watch In Time at the cinema, one of the worst things ever created, so I’m cautious, and what Quantum Break lacks is a smile. It’s overly serious about a man who can control time – arguably the strongest possible superpower, and one you’d have a little fun with even if the world was ending and your girlfriend/wife/daughter/other significant person was dead.

The game is now coming out, on both platforms, April 5th. Hopefully it marks the beginning of straight ports of Xbox One games using the Windows Store, so we get a bunch of theseas well. Or, more specifically, so we get Scalebound. Scalebound, Microsoft, please, let me ride the dragon around while being an insufferable douche. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.