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Quantum Break Win10 version abandoned - "it's unlikely we release another patch"

Quantum Break PC release time

Update August 11, 2016: Following the announcement of Quantum Break on Steam, Remedy have admitted they won't be curing any more of the issues of the Windows Store version any time soon. 

As someone who owns Quantum Break on the Windows Store, I can attest to it still having problems. I run a GTX 970 and I get stuttering from time-to-time while playing, no matter what settings I'm using. 

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It seems others are experiencing the same, but that version of the shooter is being left behind for the Steam launch, it seems. Remedy's head of communications, Thomas Puha, broke the news in a tweet:

If this decision comes from Microsoft, it's a very short-sighted one, as anyone who already bought on the Windows Store will likely be put off doing so again now. 

Original Story August 10, 2016: If you missed out on Remedy's time-bending, story-based shooter, Quantum Break, because you like all your games being in the same place, I have some good news for you. Quantum Break is heading to Steam next month.

Where Quantum Break was previously a Windows 10 exclusive via the Windows Store, the Steam release will make the game compatible with Window 7 and up (64-bit). It's not available for pre-purchase yet, but the Quantum Break Steam page is live. 

It was only a couple of months ago when Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft would be bringing games to Steam again, but I wasn't expecting it so soon. Hopefully it sells well and future Microsoft games make their way to Steam a little quicker. 

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If you still want to play the Windows Store version of Quantum Break, it's currently on sale for $39.99. 

There's also a $39.99 retail version coming, called Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition. That comes with the following: 

  • Premium packaging
  • 5 game discs (one-time Steam key redemption required)
  • Making of blu-ray
  • Making of book
  • 1 soundtrack CD (audio-CD)
  • 2 posters
  • Quickstart guide

Quantum Break lands on Steam on September 14.

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nu1mlock avatarVeganGaro avatarSapphire Sights avatarJimbob avatarRock1m1 avatarrotekz avatar+4
monkeyfritz Avatar
1 Year ago

Wasn't this game the poster child for the whole "Buy it on XBox, get it free on windows!" thing?

Sad, yet amusing, to see GFWL repeating itself so soon.

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

Best line to give out just before you want to try and sell it to all the Steam users: "There are still problems and we're not fixing them, now come buy our game!"

nu1mlock Avatar
1 Year ago

Assuming the game is any good, I might pick it up. I don't really have anything against the Windows 10 store but I can never remember that it exists.

I hope that the game will be cheaper (though I wouldn't mind the €40 price point if it's any good) than the collector's edition though, seeing how much extra stuff you actually get for the same price as the current Windows 10 Store price.

Sapphire Sights Avatar
1 Year ago

It's not really worth it's current price tag if I'm honest, having played on console, I can say that it really should be cheaper, whilst having a really good story in the TV sections, it's a little bit disappointing gameplay wise.

VeganGaro Avatar
1 Year ago

haha, at least. Lets see what about DX12 bs everyone was talking bout!


Rock1m1 Avatar
1 Year ago

Steam version is DX11

Jimbob Avatar
1 Year ago

FFS, they still haven't patched in decent widescreen support and you cant "fix" the Windows store version. Any chance they can give people that wasted £45 a Steam key.

rotekz Avatar
1 Year ago

It better do SLI.

NihlusGreen Avatar
1 Year ago

Sounds like a definite wait for others to be the guinea pigs to see if its still crappy title.

Ah M$, somethings never change do they?

DuoBlaze Avatar
1 Year ago

UWP is a disaster and not just for games.