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Quantum Break won't be coming to Steam

Quantum Break

A couple of days ago we got the lovely news that time-bending Xbox One console exclusive Quantum Break would be coming to PC. Great news, unless you're one of the Twitter crybabies who got upset at the prospect of more people being able to play a videogame. 

This list of upcoming PC games keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately, if you were expecting Quantum Break to find its way onto Steam, you're going to be a bit disappointed. We speculated that Quantum Break would likely be a Windows Store exclusive when the PC announcement broke, but now we've had official confirmation.

In the Major Nelson Radio podcast, 1:16:00 in, Xbox marketing man Aaron Greenberg was asked whether the game would be heading to Valve's digital distribution platform, to which he replied: "Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive."

As well as it seemingly being a case of Microsoft not wanting to sell the game through a competitor's store, the decision to make it a Windows Store exclusive is likely down to how the PC and Xbox One versions communicate with each other, with both versions sharing a save game and Achievement progress. 

Head here for details on Quantum Break's system requirements and information on cross-buy between the Xbox One and Windows 10 version.

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xNuke Avatar
2 Years ago

Oh no. Not that crap app again. Had to pass on Fable Legends already and now Quantum Break. I hate MS for pulling shit like this.

Reminds me of Games for Windows Live and how it was the worst idea for gamers ever.

QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

First advertised as a game that so much more was planned for, but budgeting and timing being mis-estimated, odds are for a rushed story of a sudden cliffhanger ending without much satisfaction. They managed to hit a high point with all the game footage but now they shoot there own foot again xD I mean it would be great if all devs just stopped using steam (being so money hungry a platform) but there are just too many steam fanatics that a game not on steam is basically a game not on pc nowadays...

edit: spelling correction

DustyGerkin Avatar
2 Years ago

Shame my Microsoft marketplace no longer works. No way if fixing it either. Oh well, your loss MS.

BrandeX Avatar
2 Years ago

XBL and GFWL were always somewhat linked with a few games even having crossplatform play. I wonder if the reason that GFWL was never shutdown is that the current system in place for games like Quantum Break is still using some part of the backend of the same GFWl <> XBL system.

「Spaerk」 Avatar
2 Years ago

On the one hand, this is an inconvenience for a lot of people, myself included.

On the other hand it is probably for the best if people are reminded from time to time that other services than Steam exist. Monopoly-like positions never end well, if I remember correctly it was actually this website which had an article about people buying games on Steam despite them being offered for less elsewhere not too long ago.

Psycold Avatar
Psycold(2 hours played)
2 Years ago

This is Microsoft's idea of, "getting more involved with PC gaming".