Remedy release funny recruitment blooper video instead of game trailer

Remedy blooper

Quantum Break and Alan Wake developers Remedy Entertainment promised to release a new game trailer. Instead, they’ve released, whatever the hell that is up there…

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You have to hand it to Remedy, though – that video is damn funny. Not only that, but it’s a stroke of genius, drumming up interest and then weaponising that interest to get a recruitment drive in front of as many eyes as possible.

Hopefully they follow this up with an actual reveal of their new game, but at least we’ve got something entertaining to watch for now, and we do also get to see more of Sam Lake and his face.

If you do want to work for Remedy, check out their careers page at that link. Benefits include free snacks, a rooftop bar, sports and culture allowance, healthcare, a gym, language lessons and even paid holidays back home.