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Build your own Zelda dungeons in this indie RPG with a free demo

Quest Master is releasing into early access soon but first you can grab the demo and test out your own dastardly Zelda inspired dungeons.

Build your own Zelda dungeons in this indie RPG with a free demo: The three main characters from Quest Master stand heroically with weapons flourished before them.

In gaming we’re often found delving inside dungeons, slaying monsters, solving puzzles, and coming back to the surface with prodigious amounts of loot. But what about the other side of things? In the upcoming Quest Master you’ll be both dungeon crafter and dungeoneer, as you build your own Legend of Zelda style areas and challenge yourself and friends to work your way through them.

Top-down action RPGs like Quest Master have traditionally been thin on the ground on PC. It’s only in recent years, with the rise of an indie wave of experimentation, that they’ve found their true home on our beloved beige and black boxes. It’s always been a shame that we’ve never seen, and probably will never see, a Legend of Zelda game hit PCs, so it’s continually great that so many developers have taken matters into their own hands.

Quest Master doesn’t just let you play through dungeons, though that’s certainly much of what’s on offer here. With co-op and a planned single-player mode, there’ll be more than enough to satisfy any loot-wanting warrior with questing on the brain. Instead, where Quest Master sets itself apart from the crowd is in how you also play as dungeon architect.

Designed to be easy to use but with tons of options, the dungeon building in Quest Master should let you build some truly infernal creations to publish online and let players get stuck into. It’s a case of drag and dropping traps, puzzle items, chests, and tiles out onto the game world as you craft your own colossal cave of chaos. Think Super Mario Maker and you won’t be far off how this’ll work, except of course with fewer turtles.

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If all that sounds like your kind of thing then you can head over to the Steam page to grab the free demo ahead of Quest Master’s launch into early access on Wednesday May 29. The developer is aiming to release the full game in the fourth quarter of 2024, with several updates planned over the coming year. From adding new themes, enemies, mechanics, and items, there’s plenty to come for budding dungeon builders.

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