Cities Skylines meets Starfield in space with this strategy game

If you love Cities Skylines but wish that it had more of a Starfield space vibe to it, then Quriocity may just be the perfect strategy game for you.

A red planet's surface with the starry space sky above

Quriocity has piqued my curiosity with its unique space setting and city-building strategy game elements. After taking off for its early access launch back in 2022, Oxeliz Games has been hard at work preparing the sci-fi game for its full release. Quriocity is leaving early access today, with a variety of new features for players to check out such as new areas, upgrades, and more. While it is aesthetically pleasing, the game isn’t always easy, as its extraterrestrial world features a dynamic weather system and other such struggles that you’ll have to overcome.

The goal of Quriocity is to turn its cosmic wasteland into a bustling metropolis, all the while protecting your colonists from a variety of harsh conditions and threats. There are natural disasters such as fires and storms, but if you manage your resources properly you will be able to thrive through it all. As is common in city-builders, you can also progress through different technology trees to help manage such situations and upgrade your infrastructure, as Quriocity features over 40 such units.

If you are looking for a more challenging experience, you can play through various difficulties and game modes. There are 50 campaign missions to get through as you lead your colonists thousands of light years away from Earth, and you can use the unique Colony Tour feature to see all of your accomplishments. What’s cool about this addition is that you can then share your colony with the wider community.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll make use of the in-game ability to decorate your colony with all sorts of natural fauna – I love me some good green spaces. When you throw in some monuments that show off your colony’s progress, you can even make some cute park-like areas. Quriocity is also diverse when it comes to its biomes, featuring everything from chilly tundras to lush flowery fields.

For more functional decor, though, you’ll want to balance your colony’s health alongside the mission’s success by building structures that accomplish different things. From keeping the people productive or happy to simply expanding the colony for new opportunities, there is a lot to choose from when building. You can grab Quriocity on Steam right now here if you want to start on your own Cities Skylines journey on an alien planet.

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