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The Crackdown 2 team will soon have you stuff a boy’s face with burgers and peas in VR

rad tv ruffian games

Rad TV’s first trailer is pretty rad. First, somebody throws records at a man in underwear during a backyard barbecue. Then there’s a western poker shootout, a Japanese game show with a lot of sentient toast, shuriken-related shenanigans, and a dude with a Game Boy who wants to be fed a lot of burgers. Sounds like a terrific Friday night.

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It seems that the lesson developers are learning with VR is that frantic goofs are one of the best uses for the headset, and Rad TV is following in the footsteps of Job Simulator and the like with a whole selection of mad minigames designed for party play.

The game is built for hotseat multiplayer with up to eight people, but I’m left to wonder just how hot the seat can be when you’ve gotta strap on and pull off a headset with every change. Ah, well, it looks delightfully dopey and like a very good time. The official site promises a release “maybe 2017-ish,” so look forward to it possibly soon, or not.

The developers at Ruffian Games have historically partnered with Microsoft’s first-party studios, doing support work on a variety of Kinect games along with Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the upcoming Crackdown 3. They also served as lead developers on Crackdown 2. They’ve had a co-op twin stick shooter called Fragmental in Steam Early Access for over a year, and their last major title, 2D squad-based shooter Hollowpoint, was put on hold after Ruffian’s partnership with Paradox Interactive went south.