LawBreakers devs are making an ’80s-themed battle royale

Radical Heights

Boss Key Studios have announced their next game. Radical Heights is a free-to-play battle royale, set to release into Early Access tomorrow, April 10.

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Boss Key, who recently confirmed that they were working on a new project after LawBreakers failed to make much of an impact on, frankly, anyone with their debut title. Their new game takes the battle royale to suburbia, enclosing players within an enormous dome set in Southern California.

The twist on the battle royale formula comes in two major new features. The first of those is the introduction of BMX bikes, allowing players to get around the map on two wheels. The other major feature is the introduction of in-game cash; alongside weapons, you can also loot money from the world, choosing to spend it in-game, or cash it in order draw from it in future games.

Boss Key, who are developing and publishing the game, say Radical Heights will be in Early Access for around a year, and will remain free-to-play after its full release. You can check out the extremely ’80s-themed trailer in the video above, and see the Steam page here.