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Rage 2 will have no multiplayer “because the game is so damn big”

Rage 2

Rage 2 will not have multiplayer. In an interview with PCGN, id software’s studio director Tim Willits said that the sheer scope of the game’s single-player experience discouraged the Rage 2 team from expanding it into multiplayer.

Willits stated that “right now we are focusing on just the single-player because the game is so damn big.” In a separate interview, Avalanche Studio creative director Magnus Nedfors said there would be no multiplayer as “we are focusing on making the best single-payer story we can.”

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There will, however, be a life for Rage 2 beyond the initial release of the game. Willits confirmed that “we have some things that we are working on to extend the life of the product,” stating that “we want to extend the life of our games to engage our players, to provide updates and things to them.”

That could have an impact on Doom, for example, assuming Willits means that other id games will receive the same treatment he mentioned for Rage 2. You can check out the Rage 2 trailer from E3 2018 below.

The Rage 2 release date hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, but we should see it in spring 2019. We’ll let you know more when the official release date is confirmed.