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Rainbow Six Siege now has proper bullet penetration, and it’s all because of Kali

No more being saved by your hands - Siege is about to get even more deadly

Kali aiming through a hole in the wall

The introduction of new attacker Kali to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Shifting Tides has required the dev team to make a big change to the way bullet penetration works.

Siege has a problem, you see. At the moment, bullets in the game do damage to the first thing they hit and then become inert. This means that if your bullet hits an enemy (or ally, it happens) in the limb before hitting them in the head or torso, it’ll only do limb damage.

Here’s the thing: flashbangs in Rainbow Six Siege will make Operators put their hands in front of their face, meaning you could put a round into their hand instead of the head, turning what should be a killshot into a glancing blow. Additionally, while torso shots in Siege are far more lethal than shots to limbs, most operators clutch their weapons to their torso. You see where this is going, right? Their arms often cover the torso, so your rounds do less damage.

That’s no longer the case. With the introduction of Sifting Tides, bullets will now do damage to everything they hit, meaning a round that passes through a hand to hit the head is still a headshot, and spraying targets in the torso with an assault rifle should down them more reliably. It could spell an end to all those “I swore I hit them in the head!” messages being spammed in text chat after a failed clutch.

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All of this is down to Kali, Shifting Tide’s new attacker. Kali’s rifle is a godless killing machine: shots to the torso are a one hit down, and shots to the head will kill instantly. Kali can even down several operators at once, as the CSRX 300’s rounds capable of landing several body hits with a single shot.

However, shots to the limbs aren’t an instant down, so if the bullet penetration in the game stayed the same as it currently it is in the live client, Kali would be unpredictable. In a tense Siege match, that’s something of a liability.

Shifting Tides will hit Rainbow Six’s test server tomorrow, November 11 for those of you playing on PC. And here’s everything we know about the full Shifting Tides release date, too.