Someone made Rainbow Six Siege’s Chalet map in The Sims 4

Haunt your Sims with the ghosts of a thousand angry players, team-killed in a different game

On the face of it, Rainbow Six Siege and The Sims 4 don’t have a huge amount in common. One’s a tense, tactical multiplayer shooter, while the other is sedate, nakedly materialist life simulator that’s both compelling and depressing in its ersatz depiction of our collective quest to acquire things. Yet now both dramas can play out on the same stage, as someone has made Siege’s Chalet map in The Sims 4.

Check it out on Reddit here and thank u/Omaruz, aka ‘Blackbeard Main’. Resident Siege expert Jordan says that although the bar room is perfect (note the jukebox in the corner), some of the rooms “are a bit squished together, like the library.” A few of the props are also a little off – the garage has table football, rather than a boat. Clearly the Sims 4 needs to release a Rainbow Six Siege Stuff pack (and then charge $9.99 for it).

The map has gone down really well on Reddit, with many replies praising the attention to detail and planning a Sims household based on the game’s operators. Just be careful putting Sledge and Mozzie in a room together, because I can totally see those two not getting along.

Here’s an embed of Omaruz’s submission, with some previews of the snowy chalet and its grounds:

Spent the last couple of days remaking Chalet in The Sims 4. What do you guys think?? from Rainbow6

In other Siege news, Ubisoft’s shooter is getting the option to forgive other players for teamkilling and was recently invaded by Rabbids and toy soldiers. The toy soldier event, an April Fool’s joke, is still live and set to run for the rest of the week.

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Rainbow Six Siege is on Steam here if you fancy getting in on the fun. It’ll set you back $29.99 (£16.99) unless you fancy opting for the deluxe, gold, or ultimate editions.