Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise patch notes remove bombers from Terrorist Hunt

Bombers will trouble you no longer in Terrorist Hunt, so it's finally more like a proper practice mode

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise patch notes are live, and there are plenty of notable details alongside the expected new operators and map changes. Terrorist Hunt offers some of the most interesting changes, as Ubisoft has reworked the mode into something that’ll be much more useful for practicing your skills.

Bombers will be removed from the mode, so you’ll no longer have to worry about those White Masks rushing at you while you’re practicing – part of Ubisoft’s effort to “make Terrorist Hunt more representative of multiplayer gameplay.” Similarly, you’ll still occasionally find Nitro Cells and Barbed Wire around the map, but there will no longer be full rooms of those items.

Situations have also gotten some more minor revisions. Individual Situations are now ranked easiest to hardest, and there’s no longer a progression lock in place, so you can complete the missions in any order you like. For more on what to expect on the Ember Rise release date, check out the full patch notes on the official site.

Ubisoft acknowledges that “players have long used the Player VS AI game modes as a warmup,” so all these changes are aimed at better allowing players to do exactly that.

We got an expansive look at Ember Rise gameplay over the weekend, so check out that link for plenty of detail on how the new operators will shake up Siege.