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Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date: all the latest details

The next season recruits two new operators from South America, here’s everything we know about Operation Ember Rise

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date

The Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date is just around the corner, with the full reveal of the new season due to air at the Six Major Raleigh 2019 and the full launch date expected a few weeks later. Thanks to leaks, rumours, and some official information, we already know a few details about both new operators and the upcoming map rework, but there’s plenty more to discover about Year 4 Season 3.

Year 4 has been a very balanced year in terms of operator additions, with Mozzie providing the only significant shake up to the meta of the four Year operators released so far. So far, leaks for the two upcoming Ember Rise operators suggest a continuation of that trend, with a grapple gun and explosive shield being the gadgets rumoured to be carried by our South American newcomers – neither one sounds particularly game-changing, but may offer some neat alternative picks.

We’re also keen to learn more about the upcoming map rework for Kanal, which is a very popular casual map that would be great to see back in ranked play. The last map rework to Kafe has proven very successful for the map’s pick rate in competitive play, so hopefully we’ll see a similar outcome for Kanal.

In this guide to Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise, we’ll break down everything we know about the upcoming season, from operators and gadgets, to the new map and even the next Elite skin.

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date

Our best guess is that the Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date is September 10, 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Every season the reveal takes place before the grand final on Sunday, then the test server goes live the following Tuesday and runs for two weeks before the final launch across all platforms.

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Recently, the test server run has been extended to three weeks in order to catch all the bugs, so putting all of that information together we arrive at a September 10 Ember Rise release date.

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise Amaru

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise reveal time and how to watch

The Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise reveal takes place on Sunday August 18, 2019 at 12:00 EDT. You can watch the reveal stream on the official Rainbow 6 Twitch channel or on the Rainbow Six Esports YouTube channel.

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise operators

As ever, the new season adds two Rainbow Six Siege new operators, one defender and one attacker. We don’t have much in terms of specifics, but we know that one of the two new operators is from Mexico and the other is from Peru – both work in a CTU focussed on beating antiquities traffickers.

A tweet from the official Rainbow Six Siege account for Russia has revealed the names of Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise operators: the new female operator from Peru is called Amaru and the new male operator from Mexico is called Goyo.

Rainbow Six Siege Goyo

There have been hints at what the upcoming gadgets are, hidden in the concept art for Nokk. Look at the background of the concept art and you can spot a grappling hook and an ignited fuel canister. This is supported by information released by reliable Siege leaker Kormora, who has successfully revealed details about both Rainbow Six Siege Year 4, including Burnt Horizon and Phantom Sight. Kormora claims the attacker’s grappling hook will take her up through hatches quickly, while the defender will use a special deployable shield that drops a fiery canister upon being destroyed.

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise gadgets

We now have confirmation of the two new Ember Rise gadgets arriving with the Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise launch. Our female attacker, Amaru, brings the Garra Hook, a grappling hook that can breach through barricaded windows without needing to rappel first. From the trailer above, the Garra Hook appears to be incredibly fast and an accompanying Ubisoft blog post places a lot of emphasis on how quick it’s possible to get into a building using this gadget. It’s still not clear if you will be able to use this to go up through hatches.

The second gadget, which belongs to defender Goyo, is the Volcan Shield, a modified Deployable Shield with a fuel canister that can be shot creating a huge explosion. This could be for area denial, much like Smoke’s canisters, or as an explosive trap.

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise Smoke Elite skin

The next Rainbow Six Siege Elite skin has been revealed accidentally at the Six Major Raleigh 2019 where it was equipped during the group stages by a number of pro players. This a Smoke Elite skin with a streetwear anarchist aesthetic.

Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise Kanal map rework

There will be no new map coming with Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise, instead Ubisoft is reworking its Kanal map to make it more competitively viable. We got an early peak at what the rework will change at the last season reveal, but there’s still plenty we don’t know about the rework.

The map changes include a new route for topside rotations, a tunnel, and generally opening the map up a lot more.