Rainbow Six Siege’s Frost is getting reworked because she “doesn’t offer interesting gameplay”

Game director Leroy Athanassoff says the defender is in line for a rework because "we are not happy with her trap"

Frost rework

Ubisoft has confirmed that a Frost rework for is still being considered for the Rainbow Six Siege defender. The first we heard about a operator overhaul for the Canadian trapper was back at the Six Major Paris in 2018, which confirmed that she was being considered for a gadget or kit upgrade, but Rainbow Six Siege game director Leroy Athanassoff has offered some additional details on what specifically the team hope to address about her.

Frost boasts one of the lowest pick and win rates of all of the defenders in the game, and sees almost no use in Pro League. This is largely down to her trap, a modified bear trap called the Welcome Mat, which traps and instantly injures anyone who steps onto it. However, while this sounds very powerful, it’s also the reason the developers want to rework Frost.

“We are not happy with her trap,” explains Athanassoff. “We believe it does not offer very interesting gameplay. If her trap triggers then the attacker is as good as dead, or you will catch nothing with her, and that experience is not very exciting. She’s one of the operators that we are looking at now for reworks.”

While this does not tell us a huge amount about Frost, we can infer a great deal from Ubisoft’s approach to reworking Kapkan, which revolved around making his traps harder to spot, but less lethal. The same approach would certainly make playing Frost less of a gamble, but that risk/reward element is what makes playing as her so much fun.

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Additionally, the release of a Frost Elite Skin, which included an aesthetic remodelling of her trap, means it’s unlikely Ubisoft will change a great deal about how the item itself works. Perhaps we can expect the number of traps to increase but their damage and potential to injure to be removed.

No Frost rework release date has been given, but given the number of reworks we know are currently in progress, you can expect to wait a while longer.