Ubisoft “resolves” Rainbow Six Siege’s matchmaking issues, but players are still reporting problems

Some Rainbow Six Siege players' wins still aren't registering and nobody has received their missing MMR.

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Ubisoft attempted to resolve Rainbow Six Siege’s rewards and matchmaking issues with emergency maintenance yesterday, but many are still having issues. The fixes rolled out to PC first, followed by PS4, but both platforms are reporting bugs with win registration and users are missing MMR.

The disconnect and reward bugs mean many attempting to climb the ladder aren’t increasing in rank and some have had only losses counted in placement matches. Essentially, some played the best games of their life and have nothing to show for it. Others played terribly and have been let off. Unsurprisingly, many aren’t happy this problem is still happening.

“The issues with end-of-game rewards and matchmaking issues for some PC/PS4 players should now be resolved,” said Ubisoft’s initial statement on Reddit. “Following our investigation, we found that an ongoing degradation was causing issues for some of our PC/PS4 players, resulting in lost game data for those players’ games to our servers. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding everyone, and we will discuss appropriate compensation once the team is back in the office on Monday.”

The dev team will be happy it left in that “should”. Reddit’s alakeybrayn reports a “please wait, synchronizing data” message after completing a game, just as before. iABDLLAH says three of their recent wins on PS4 weren’t registered and they were kicked two times. Another user says ranked queues were disconnected and they received an abandonment penalty after restarting. Numerous others are having similar problems.

There are a few options open to Ubisoft for compensation of these losses. If it has the data, it could retroactively return the win/loss MMR to a user’s account. Resetting placement match progress is also a possibility, as some players say their losses were recorded, but not the wins. The developers may also offer a boosted renown period to help users catch up cash-wise.

The game recently received its Void Edge update, as well several nerfs, improvements, and fixes. Players will still be clamouring to get their hands on the two new operators, so let’s hope any lingering problems are cleared up on Monday.