Rainbow Six Siege’s latest DLC is Operation Red Crow, reveal coming November 12-13

"We're sorry for the damage to your lovely pagoda but we were comparing calibres."

Following last week’s leak of assets hinting at a Japanese jaunt, Ubisoft has unveiled the latest DLC for Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow. Rainbow are indeed heading to Japan, and as expected, there will be a new map, two new operators, and a few new fixes and features.

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The news comes viaan announcementon the Rainbow Six blog, and is accompanied by a trailer for the Rainbow Six Pro League season three finals. Operation Red Crow will officially kick off season four of Rainbow Six Siege, and accordingly, the season three pro league finals will take place on the same weekend that Red Crow is unveiled on Twitch: November 12 and 13.

Until then, the post advises you to check back regularly on the Red Crow website for teaser updates of the new content:

“We will be posting previews of the two new operators, and the new map arriving in Operation Red Crow.”

Another headline feature also confirmed in the post is calibre-based destruction for all weapons (bigger guns will make bigger holes in walls).

In the field of fixes and gameplay improvements, the devs want to assure fans that they are addressing concerns about hit registration:

“We will be introducing better ping reporting to help us understand what the variables are when a player experiences a frustrating moment. Regarding network and latency, we fixed an issue relating to network compression that was causing some inaccuracies in hit registation. This should help in certain situations. We also found and resolved a movement issue related to stances that would create a misalignment in the head placement when registering a hit.”

Operation Red Crow rounds out a year of expansions for Rainbow Six Siege, and thus concludes the current content schedule, but this customer surveyhints strongly at the possibility of a second season pass. Given Siege’s success, another year of DLC could be a good move for Ubisoft, who have revised their projections downward after shaky pre-orders for Watch_Dogs 2.

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