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Ubisoft announce changes to Rainbow Six Siege’s casual matchmaking for Season 3

Rainbow six siege blood orchid

In their continuing effort to respond to fan feedback, Ubisoft have confirmed they will be adjusting the way Rainbow Six Siege’s casual matchmaking works for Season 3.

What’s happening in Rainbow Six Siege next? Here’s everything we know.

“For the last four months, the Casual playlist has been based off of your Ranked Matchmaking Rating (MMR), as noted by this communication,” Ubisoft state in a Reddit post. “In order to address this issue and provide better quality matchmaking, we will be introducing an independent Casual MMR. The Casual MMR will be based off of your performance in Casual play and is no longer tied to your Ranked MMR.”

“Beyond the separation of Ranked and Casual MMR, we are implementing a system for new players that provides them with a baseline MMR that is more on par with where a beginner should be,” adds Ubisoft. “A lower starting point for beginners means that they will be able to increase their MMR in a pool of players with a comparable skill level. This lower MMR rating will be erased over time as they win more matches, eventually placing them where they truly belong based on their skill level.”

When asked why the news was not included in the 50-page patch notes, Ubisoft say: “The final go was given after the patch notes were written. With the patch notes being 50 pages long, they needed to be completed quite some time ago to show for localization in the various different languages.”

Rainbow Six Siege’s Season 3 is live now on technical test servers, and rolling out to a full release on September 5, 2017. Already, Ubisoft have amended their recent map rotation changes.

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