Rainbow Six Siege is about to give Jager a new elite skin

rainbow six siege jager elite skin

It seems that Jager is about to get another snazzy new look, as the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter has just revealed. The new elite skin is a throwback bomber look with a cozy-looking jacket and loads of leather pouches and holsters.

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Siege’s elite skins are full packages that offer new looks not just for the operative but their weapons and gadgets, too. They also come with a unique operator card, charm, and victory emote, and you can see a clip of that emote in the video below.

Look at that casual toss to the Magpie. That’s a cool dude move, right there. No word yet on a release date or price, but these have typically been 1,800 R6 credits, or 1,620 if you have the appropriate season pass.

Siege’s next major updates are due soon, and it seems they’re making a big point of mitigating ping abuse in the near future for a smoother overall experience.