Rainbow Six Siege’s final Blood Orchid operator is Ela Bosak, watch her trailer now

Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid Ela Bosak

The third and final operator being added to Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Blood Orchid update has been revealed: Ela Bosak, from GROM (Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego according to the subreddit), Poland’s elite counter-terrorism unit. And it seems she’s laid some traps for you.

We spoke to Ubisoft about Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Health, and more – see the interview here.

Currently, there’s no full backstory for Bosak, just a video on Twitter. It’s reminiscent of the unlock videos that the vanilla operators have, showing off what her gadget looks like alongside a short narration. You can see it below.

We’ll update when we’ve got the full details on her backstory, which should be coming out later today – the link in the tweet doesn’t lead to anything (at time of writing). Until then, you could always read about the other two operators: Lesion and Ying. Expect full details on August 26 at the Pro League finals at Gamescom.