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Here’s your first look at Rainbow Six Siege’s Mok Myeok Tower map

rainbow six siege white noise map mok myeok

Ubisoft are finally showing off a detailed look at the new map coming as part of Operation White Noise. As promised, it’s a South Korean observation tower set far above Seoul, and it looks like the new map will offer plenty of fresh considerations for Siege players.

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Loosely based on the real-life Lotte World Tower, Mok Myeok Tower will offer a combination of sleek design and traditional Korean architecture, putting wooden tea rooms against modern offices, and letting you battle through a nightclub, art gallery, and restaurant.

In practical terms, the map is designed around verticality, with long-range battles gradually giving way to close-range conflict by the end of the match. Unlike many of Siege’s maps, which are designed to give attackers multiple paths into a larger structure, the tower will have players rappelling down and through access points.

You can check out a preview of Mok Myeok Tower in the video above. If it’s locked out in your region, try this link for a UK version.

All the details on Operation White Noise will be fully revealed as part of the Pro League finals steam November 19. In the meantime, we do know that the new Polish operator will have some explosive armaments, and there are rumors of a Left 4 Dead-style new mode coming to the game soon.