Rainbow Six: Siege season pass announced, gives early access to new characters


In this, the year of every game ever, Rainbow Six: Siege is looking to help close out the mega release period on December 1st, just a few weeks from now. That means it’s season pass spoiler time, showing off everything you’ll get if you’re willing to spare a little extra cash. It, er, it doesn’t look very exciting.

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So purchasing the Season Pass gives you a year of access to the game’s VIP Premium Membership. With that comes these things:

  • Seven day exclusive early access to the eight new operators that you can instantly add to your roster upon their release
  • Permanent 5% Renown boost to allow you to unlock content quicker
  • The exclusive Season Pass Porter weapon skin
  • The Safari Bundle of five weapons skins
  • Two extra daily Renown-earning challenges
  • 600 R6 Credits that can be used to purchase additional in-game content

I get cosmetics and in-game currency, they’re the cool new thing. I’m a bit worried that the game will either be balanced around having the premium earning rate (meaning you have to pay to have the properly fun experience ala World of Tanks and co) or the non-premium one (meaning you’ll be rushing through if it’s buffed by your purchase). In a free to play game, hey, fair enough, that’s the nature of it, but given Rainbow Six is a boxed release, this isn’t the kind of thing I like to see.

The first bullet point is in reference to the various content packs that will be dropping as part of the game’s DLC scheme next year, which come to all players for free. While earlier access is useful, being able to get that stuff without ever paying makes me far less likely to pick this up, personally. What exactly their plans are after the first year is up in the air. Would you prefer a full sequel or continued support for this game?