Rainbow Six Siege ranked lock is now live

Rainbow Six Siege's latest security measure is finally in place

December 11, 2018 Rainbow Six Siege ranked lock is finally active. You’ll need to get secure or get used to playing casual.

Ranked lock is now live in Rainbow Six Siege. If you haven’t yet set up two-step verification, you’ll be limited to playing casual modes only. The update has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here – meaning a fresh protection against hacks and cheats is now in place for competitive play.

At least, in theory. 2SV should make it tougher for hackers to work their way into Uplay accounts and get access to unsuspecting Siege profiles, and Ubisoft has always billed the security measure alongside wider anti-cheat and anti-toxicity efforts.


If you haven’t yet added two step authentication to your account, you can find instructions on how to do so via the official site. Sadly, you’re now out of time to get that free Thermite bundle for signing up, which included the Ride or Die headgear, Compatriot uniform, and Cyberfriend weapon skin. Hey, you’ve had months to do it by now.

Ubisoft’s efforts against Rainbow Six Siege cheaters have been a major priority this year, and that’s resulted in some massive ban waves. This 2SA requirement will help keep hackers using compromised accounts from coming into the game, and should further help reduce the appearance of cheaters of cheaters in competitive modes.