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Rainbow Six Siege’s anti-cheat ban wave hits today – it’s bigger than we thought

The Rainbow Six Siege ban wave is on the way today, targeting players that have been boosted by cheaters. This follows up on the plans Ubisoft detailed for anti-cheat efforts earlier this month, with an initial ban targeting 600 players worldwide. That ban was scheduled for July 16, but was delayed and now lines up with the game’s latest update.

Now that the ban wave’s been pushed back, however, it’s going to be bigger. Ubisoft says it’s continued tracking boosted accounts since first announcing the ban, so more accounts will be targeted – though precisely how many is as yet unclear. More than 600, at least.

Those affected will be presented with a message reading “Player was banned for being boosted by a cheater,” rather than the “toxic behaviour” message that has typically accompanied cheat-related bans. This is – at least in part – reason for the delay, as a new message apparently requires a proper game update before going live.

In a Reddit post, Ubisoft also says it plans to share more details on anti-cheat efforts no later than this Friday, July 27.

Ubisoft community developer Craig Robinson certainly seems excited, tweeting the gif below after reminding players of the incoming ban wave.

We’ll find out what Ubisoft has in store for cheaters later this week, but one of the main points the developers emphasized in their first round of details on Siege hacks was requiring two-factor authentication for ranked players. They might also detail their plans for MMR changes in matches in which banned cheaters have played.

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