Rainbow Six Siege update – the latest changes and bug fixes to Tom Clancy’s finest

Rainbow six siege update

The next Rainbow Six Siege update goes live today, bringing a glut of technical improvements, gameplay tweaks, and cosmetic goodies with it. Title update 2.2.2 releases on all platforms on August 9, 2017, and Ubisoft Montreal promise it will lay the foundation for a number of quality of life improvements for Rainbow Six Siege that will roll out over the course of season 3.

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Seeing as much of update 2.2.2 is dedicated to future updates for the game, Ubisoft Montreal have also detailed a number of features that will be introduced to the Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Servers (TTS) over the coming months, including server upgrades. Here’s what’s new in the latest Rainbow Six Siege update:

Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.2

Rainbow six siege update 222

Dedicated servers for custom games

Rainbow Six Siege has boasted dedicated servers for custom games for well over a year now, but the requirements for having your custom game hosted on a dedicated server are about to drop significantly. Before, you’d need to assemble a full party of ten for a few minutes in Custom Match Lobby to guarantee you’ll get to play on a dedicated server. Now, you’ll only need two players in a Custom Match Lobby to ensure you’re not playing through a peer-to-peer connection. That means you can enjoy the improved stability of dedicated servers even if you don’t want to play 5v5 matches.

Dedicated servers for Terrorist Hunt

For a long time, the most frustrating thing about Rainbow Six Siege’s Terrorist Hunt mode was host migration. Dedicated servers for Terrorist Hunt will lead to less time waiting around and more time killing bad guys, not to mention more stable connections.

Dedicated servers for in-game voice chat with Vivox integration

Good quality voice chat is essential in rainbow Six Siege, and so is voice chat that doesn’t cripple bandwidth. Ubisoft Montreal are implementing dedicated voice chat servers to ensure both requirements are met – these will arrive on PC first with a console deployment arriving later.

New vaulting animation

A new animation for vaulting is arriving in Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.2 that incorporates where the vaulting player is aiming. For a long time, the animation showed the vaulting player looking straight ahead, which could be confusing if you were watching the window. The new animation properly reflects where vaulting players are aiming.

Lucky Seventh Pulse elite skin

rainbow six siege update 2.2.2

Any Pulse mains will be thrilled to see the FBI operator receive the elite skin treatment, and it’s a glorious, Taxi Driver-inspired ensemble. Like all elites operator skins, the Lucky Seventh is a total skin overhaul, including:

  • Oscillator weapon skin for the M1014, UMP45, 5.7 USG, and M45 Meusoc
  • Wavelength gadget skin for Pulse’s HB-5 Cardiac Sensor
  • Slick victory animation
  • Elite Pulse Chibi charm
  • Lucky Seventh uniform

Caduceus charm

rainbow six siege update 2.2.2

If you’ve played Siege between the start of Operation Health on May 23, 2017 and the upcoming launch of season 3, then you’ll earn this Caduceus charm to attach to your favourite weapons.

Operation Health gift for Year 2 Pass owners

rainbow six siege update 2.2.2

rainbow six siege update 2.2.2

If you’re a Year 2 Pass owner you’ll be treated to Doc’s Gauze headgear and the Mended weapon skin. If you’re not a Year 2 Pass owner, then you can still grab these exclusive cosmetics provided you purchase a Year 2 Pass before they expire.

Rainbow Six Siege bug fixes

As with every new title update, 2.2.2 is packed with Rainbow Six Siege bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights from the patch notes:

  • Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras can no longer be placed in a location that provides visibility of the entire Bank map.
  • Wall reinforcement debris no longer remain floating in certain cases.
  • Glaz’s gadget now properly shows enemies when looking through specific angles through windows.
  • Yokai Drone can now stick to the ceiling in the Garage of Bank.
  • Carrying the hostage on the 2F service stairs of Consulate no longer causes the hostage to clip through the wall.
  • A wall in Skyscraper’s Geisha Room can no longer be reinforced from both sides.

Rainbow Six Siege TTS update

A new TTS update will run from 13:00 EDT on August 16 until 16:00 EDT on August 18. According to a Reddit thread from Matt Shotcha, the aim of the update is to provide feedback on the game’s upgraded servers. In particular, the developers are looking for information on FPS drops, rubber banding and disconnecting from games, all of which should have been improved by the improvements to the servers.

PC players can preload the TTS now on PC by heading to the Games section in the Uplay PC app. If you own Rainbow Six Siege on console, you can check the Uplay PC app, as Ubisoft have also enabled access to console players.

That’s everything from the latest Rainbow Six Siege title update and TTS update. Let us know if there’s any vital details we missed out in the comments below.