Rainbow Six Siege update, Patch Y3S1.2: Lion and Blitz nerfs, LMG buffs

Rainbow six siege update patch y3s12

Rainbow Six Siege has always had a mid-season reinforcements patch to shake up the meta and deliver vital balance changes between each new major Rainbow Six Siege update. Year 3 has been a little different as the formal mid-season patch has been scrapped in order to keep the game’s meta more consistent for Pro League. However, the introduction of CBRN operator Lion has caused an upset in the community, and Ubisoft have responded in kind with Patch Y3S1.2. This Rainbow Six Siege patch is packed with balance changes, but none of the operator reworks that we’re used to getting halfway through a season.

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Rainbow Six Siege Patch Y3S1.2 release date

Rainbow Six Siege update Y3S1.1 lands on PC on Tuesday, May 1, and May 2 for consoles. Server maintenance for PC commences at 15:00 GMT and is due to run for roughly 15 minutes.

Operator changes


  • Outline will only appear for the duration of player movement.
  • Scan charges reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Cooldown between scans increased from 10 to 20 seconds.


  • Magpie no longer destroys Hibana’s X-KAIROS pellets.


  • Shield Flash range reduced from 8 meters to 5 meters.
  • Shield Flash charges reduced from 5 to 4.


  • Electronic Rendering Cloak will deplete its charge in 12 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Electronic Rendering Cloak will now recharge in 6 seconds, down from 12 seconds.


  • Claymore replaced with Breaching Charge.


  • Smoke Grenades replaced with Claymore.

Weapon changes

Rainbow six siege update patch y3s12


  • Damage at 0m: 41 (up from 32)
  • Damage at 20m: 41 (up from 32)
  • Damage at 40m: 30 (unchanged)

T-95 LSW

  • Damage at 0m: 43 (up from 34)
  • Damage at 20m: 43 (up from 34)
  • Damage at 40m: 29 (down from 30)


  • Damage at 0m: 48 (up from 34)
  • Damage at 20m: 48 (up from 34)
  • Damage at 40m: 32 (up from 24)


  • Damage at 0m: 47 (up from 46)
  • Damage at 20m: 47 (up from 46)
  • Damage at 40m: 31 (down from 25)

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Y3S1.2 bug fixes

  • Fixed – players are able to exploit hip fire accuracy by performing a series of actions
  • Fixed – weapon turns invisible if a player throws their drone and it is destroyed instantly
  • Fixed – defenders can remain stuck after deploying a gadget if using the Advanced Gadget Deployment setting
  • Fixed – Sometime Deployable Shield’s replication is not the same after doing specific actions
  • Fixed – attackers can plant the Defuser on top of a shelf in 2F Armory Lockers
  • Fixed – character model will become 2D if prone close to the 1F VIP Section stairs
  • Fixed – the Defuser can be disabled by destroying the floor underneath it if is planted in 2F Billiard Room
  • Fixed – players becomes invisible under the stairs in 1F Lobby area
  • Fixed – Lion’s scan sound effect persists into the next round
  • Fixed – If Finka’s boost ends while a player is in Smoke’s Gas, the damage multiplier is not removed
  • Fixed – when Finka’s Spear .308 magazine is completely empty, aiming down sights while reloading will shorten the animation slightly
  • Fixed – Kapkan’s EDD will not give 40 damage if it is positioned on the lowest point possible on a door
  • Fixed – Valkyrie’s Black Eyes are able to see through borders in 2F Stock Trading room on Bank
  • Fixed – activating Doc’s Stim Pistol while holding a deployable shield switches weapon instantly
  • Fixed – Ela will lose functionality if her gadget will be destroyed while trying to pick it up
  • Fixed – Bandit’s Shock Wire remains active on a deployable shield after the shield was destroyed
  • Fixed – Jäger is sometimes stuck when trying to pick up deployable gadgets
  • Fixed – players with VS Notifications preference off still see the notification in-game
  • Fixed – players are able to equip a standard and Elite BDU at the same time
  • Fixed – Slasher Headgear for Buck is missing the red eyes