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Try out Rainbow Six Siege’s new ranked mode for the next four days

Ranked Reborn gives you an early way to play with the new rules

warden in rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new ranked mode soon, but it’s not set to go live until the next season. However, Ubisoft is giving you a chance to try out the rule changes early with the Ranked Reborn playlist, now live alongside the current free weekend. You’ll be able to dive in and try the new rules from now until June 10.

Ranked Reborn is technically a casual playlist, meaning it won’t actually affect your rank for the duration of the event – it’s just a preview for the rule changes. Most notably, we’re getting pick and ban, where teams take turns to each ban an attacker and a defender they don’t want to deal with.

Matches will now play out in three-round rotations, where the attacking and defending teams will only swap roles after three rounds have been played. Hostage and Secure Area modes are also getting dropped from the playlist, so it’ll be all Bomb from here on out. These changes all aim to make the public ranked mode a good bit more like the game the pros play.

We expect the new ranked mode to go live with the Phantom Sight release date, which should be coming up soon after the free weekend ends.

You can see this season’s new operators in action above.

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Oh, right, and you can play Siege for free this weekend. As always, PC players can get to the download from Uplay, and a further discount on various editions of the game will be available until June 17.