Rainbow Six Siege ranks and MMR explained for Ranked 2.0

Rainbow Six Siege ranks are seeing a huge overhaul with Operation Solar Raid, with eight main ranks and five divisions within ranked play

Rainbow Six Siege ranks: An operator at night pointing an assault rifle above eye level

Rainbow Six Siege ranks and MMR are changing dramatically with the arrival of Operation Solar Raid and the Ranked 2.0 overhaul. Whereas before, players would battle through ten placement matches to earn their seasonal rank, and then progress up or down depending on the results of subsequent matches, this time they’re all going back to Copper.

And the changes extend to MMR as a concept overall, so join us as we break down all the new Rainbow Six Siege ranks and how MMR works with the Ranked 2.0 overhaul in one of the best FPS games on the market.

All Rainbow Six Siege ranks in order

There are eight main ranks in Rainbow Six Siege and within each rank, there are five divisions. You start each season at the very bottom of the ranked pile and win games to progress through the ranks. It takes 100 Ranked Points to progress from one division to the next.

Here are all the Rainbow Six Siege ranks:

  • Copper V-I
  • Bronze V-I
  • Silver V-I
  • Gold V-I
  • Platinum V-I
  • Emerald V-I
  • Diamond V-I
  • Champion

So theoretically that’s a total of 35 divisions before you hit Champion, which is 3,500 Ranked Points.

What’s Emerald rank?

Emerald rank is a totally new ranking that’s been added between Platinum and Diamond. The jump between the two ranks has always had a pretty messy mix of skills and MMRs, so Emerald will hopefully create a clearer division.

How does MMR work in Rainbow Six Siege?

MMR is changing to a hidden measure that’ll be referred to as ‘skill’ moving forwards. As your MMR no longer determines your rank, there’s no reason for players to be able to see it. Your ‘skill’ will instead decide how quickly you gain or lose Ranked Points, and there will be a new, hidden algorithm that decides how to match players against each other.

Is there an MMR lock in Rainbow Six Siege?

No, there is no longer an MMR lock in Rainbow Six Siege, so you can queue with friends regardless of your skill rating.

What are the ranked rewards?

Each division grants a new reward going all the way up to Champion rank, but we’re not sure exactly what those rewards will be. An example screen that was shown to press at the Solar Raid preview event included rewards like charms, operator backgrounds, and alpha packs for divisions within a rank.

And there you have it, everything you need to know Rainbow Six Siege ranks and MMR following the Ranked 2.0 reveal. Check out our roundup of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators for some help grinding through those divisions a little faster, or our list of the best multiplayer games has some alternative options if you want something different to play.