Rainbow Six Siege gets a surprise new map with Wild West LTM

Cowboys and outlaws are coming to Siege

July 2, 2019 Rainbow Six Siege Showdown is now live.

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown is here, confirming all those leaks about a Wild West-themed mode coming to the game. It’s a 3v3 Secure Area affair, and it takes place on a brand-new outdoor map full of proper Western theming. The mode is live now, and will run until July 16 – and, naturally, there are plenty of new cosmetics to grab along the way.

Showdown pits three Attackers – chosen from Twitch, Ash, Capitao, Maverick, or Glaz – against three Defenders – Maestro, Alibi, Rook, Kaid, or Caveira – against each other, armed with only the BOSG 12.2 and Magnum LFP586. In addition to the new Fort Truth map, the mode also strips down the hud – including crosshairs – and axes the preparation phase.

You’ll see all the appropriate Rainbow Six SIege operators in Western duds throughout the mode, and you can unlock those cosmetics for keeps with a new set of Showdown packs. There’s a total of 31 Western items included in the collection, and you’ll get a free pack on your first login, and for completing a Ubisoft Club Event challenge.

You can see more in the trailer below. (As always, here’s a UK mirror for the region lock.)

There’s also a video preview of many of the new cosmetics.

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Rainbow Six Quarantine proves just how valuable some of Siege’s limited events can be – maybe someday we’ll be looking at a standalone Wild West Rainbow Six.