Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 teaser reveals an operator with kunai

The first teasers for Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 have started to drop

A teaser for Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1, depicting a gloved hand holding a kunai

This week is going to bring us the full reveal of the next season for Rainbow Six Siege, and as always, Ubisoft is dropping teasers leading up to the full reveal. We’re starting with what looks to be a glimpse of the new Rainbow Six Siege operator, dressed in a suit and holding a kunai – which, of course, seems to match up with the early leaks for Year 7 Season 1.

“A blade can sever and stick and scar,” Ubisoft says in the tweet. “A knife can cut or crease or create. Don’t the simplest tools have the most imaginative uses?” The full reveal will land on Saturday, February 19 on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel, and until then we can expect a further trickle of details.

A Japanese operator equipped with kunai has been the subject of leaks for months, so it’s looking likely that the early details are going to pan out. According to those leaks, the new operator will be called Asami, and will have a gadget that can counter breachers. Leaks also suggest that the new season will be called Demon Veil.

Of course, any of those details are subject to change ahead of the full reveal, but Siege’s new content tends to accurately leak before every major announcement.

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