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Grim co-op action-RPG sees player count boost thanks to big update

Ravenswatch players have been waiting a while for new content and a big update and a good sale has seen this roguelike bounce back.

Grim co-op action-RPG sees player count boost thanks to big update: A character from Ravenswatch is shrouded in yellow as she begins to cast a spell towards the viewer.

I never trusted the Pied Piper. Alright, he’s a morality tale about paying people for their services but he undercuts his point by stealing a town’s kids. Frankly I’d rather have the rats than deal with his ilk. In Ravenwatch, a gritty co-op rogelike action RPG, he and some other fairy tales have had the grim reimagining they deserve, meaning the Pied Piper finally looks how I always imagined he did; nasty.

Back in April of 2023 Ravenswatch launched with a splash, seeing the co-op game hit ten thousand players playing concurrently. Since then it’s had a bit of a rough ride, with player numbers dropping steadily over the intervening months. One of the key reasons for this, according to the occasional negative review on Steam, was the perceived lack of content with some reviewers stating that the core of the game is brilliant but after a few hours players had run through everything it had to offer.

Thankfully the Fall of Avalon update has just launched, adding a ton of new stuff to see and do. With the patch hitting some of the key criticisms players had made in recent months, it looks to have helped revitalize the concurrent player count, hitting numbers in the thousands. With over 3,800 players currently in Ravenswatch at the same time, the tide may have turned in the co-op action RPG’s favor.

A screenshot from Ravenswatch showing a group of enemies in a circle being affected by the Pied Piper who is tootling away in the center.

The Fall of Avalon update has expanded the game in pretty much every direction. A new chapter has opened including a new map in an entirely new area, which in turn has raised the level cap and extended run times meaning there’s much more to play through each time. Heroes have new final talents to choose from, along with many adjustments to their existing talents. It’s possible to create customizable runs, there’s new challenges, new enemies, a new quest, and many more updates and tweaks to be found.

It’s safe to say that this update has gone down well with the community, with recent reviews heading upwards with 84% sliding into the positive side. Combine that with the 30% off and it’s no wonder why players have begun to flock back to Ravenswatch’s banner.

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If you’re interested in seeing what this co-op roguelike is all about, Ravenwatch is currently on sale for $13.99/£11.72 until Monday, April 29. Head over to Steam to check it out for yourself.

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