Razer honour huge discounts after CEO accidentally leaks test promo code

Razer Game Store

Razer have honoured huge discounts after the company’s CEO accidentally leaked a test promo code granting gamers 50% off products from the new Razer game store. 

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In a Facebook post promoting Razer’s recently launched store, CEO Min-Liang Tan included an image showing off its checkout. The problem: he forgot to remove a 50% off test promo code from his example.

Gamers quickly realised Tan’s error, rushing to the store to purchase items at 50% off using the code Test123. But it wasn’t long before the CEO noticed his mistake, promptly replacing the image, and deactivating the code.

In a follow-up post, Tan joked about the incident, saying “I fired the person responsible for leaking it and have hired myself back right away.” To his credit and perhaps the surprise of his customers, he also announced Razer would honour the discounts of those who used the code before its deactivation – “you deserve it for being quick”, he said (though he had just called them “smart-asses”).

This isn’t the first time Razer have accidentally leaked a promo code. Back in 2013, a 90% coupon which was leaked by a third party. Then as now the company honoured it, suffering huge losses. Here’s hoping this mistake is less costly and scores them some good publicity.

You can check out the new Razer gaming store here.