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Razer just made some of its wireless gaming mice twice as good, kinda

Five of Razer's wireless gaming mice, from its Basilisk, Cobra, DeathAdder, and Viper series now support 8KHz polling, but you'll need a new dongle.

Five Razer mice surround a Hyperpolling dongle

Razer has just deployed a free firmware update for several of its wireless gaming mice, that outright doubles their performance when it comes to polling rates. However, much as this upgrade is free, you’ll need to cough up some cash if you want to actually experience this improvement. So, the question then becomes: should you?

The likes of the Viper V2 Pro and, more recently, Cobra Pro are prime examples of some of the best wireless gaming mice around, made by Razer or otherwise. Now, both clickers have had their polling rates doubled from 4KHz (4,000Hz) to 8KHz (8,000Hz), with three other models netting the same upgrade.

A diagram, illustrating the advantages 8,000Hz polling provides versus 1,000Hz

In its official press release, Razer highlights that the Basilisk V3 Pro, DeathAdder V3 Pro, and Viper V3 HyperSpeed have also received firmware updates to boost their polling rates to 8KHz. Sadly, there’s only so much software can do, meaning the in-box dongles remain at stock speeds, requiring you to pick up the Razer Hyperpolling Wireless Dongle ($30 / £30) to unlock this potential.

The advantage 8KHz polling offers is that it should more accurately capture your mouse movements, with an input delay of 0.125ms versus the 1ms of 1KHz. However, this comes at the expense of battery life, which Razer reckons knocks it back by at least 75%. Ouch.

Ultimately, this upgrade is welcome if somewhat niche in its usability, that should shine brightest in the hands of professionals playing the best FPS games. For the rest of us, however, 1-4KHz will do just fine and will save us a bit of cash and charging time.