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Razer buys haptic software company to help enhance Hypersense

Razer has acquired the haptic software specialists Interhaptics, and the company says the move will help boost its range of Hypersense products

Razer Hypersense image with person wearing vibrating headphones with shocked look on face

Razer is going all-in on gaming PC immersion, as it has acquired a company that specialises in haptics. The peripheral giant already has a rumbly range of products, including the Kraken V3 Hypersense, but it says the acquisition will help improve game integration and expand the lineup of accessories.


In a recent press release, Razer revealed that it has acquired Interhaptics, a software company that creates haptic design tools. In a statement, Interhaptics CEO Eric Vezzoli calls the decision a “no brainer,” while expressing a desire to deliver an “engaging gaming experience.” Razer’s Senior Vice President of hardware, Alvin Cheung, says the move will help “expand the HyperSense ecosystem” and facilitate a “personalized gaming experience.”

Razer’s Hypersense tech has been around since 2018, making its debut within the Nari Ultimate. Adding haptic feedback to a pair of cans doesn’t necessarily transform them into the best gaming headset, but it does offer a sense of immersion that holds weight, especially if you’re a fan of FPS games.

It’s still early days for Razer’s Hypersense feature, but the accessory maker is working to bring more products to market. A rumbly version of the Razer Enki Pro is set to arrive later this year, and we might see more products that wield the tech thanks to this Interhaptics acquisition. Sure, a shaky gaming mouse may sound ridiculous, but perhaps Razer’s new team of haptic experts can make it work.