Razer’s Kraken Ultimate RGB headset is half price on Amazon

Looking for a new pair of gaming PC cans? Razer's Kraken Ultimate RGB THX 7.1 spatial audio headset is 50% off over on Amazon right now

Audio is an important part of any gaming PC session, and using the best gaming headset can elevate your experience tenfold. While a good pair of cans can come at a cost, you can currently grab Razer’s Kraken Ultimate RGB for half price, pleasing both your ears and your wallet.

Over on Amazon US, the Kraken Ultimate RGB headset is down from $129.99 to $64.99, thanks to a 50% discount. This premium headset boasts THX 7.1 spatial audio, which should help you react quicker in FPS games like Halo Infinite while adding an extra layer of clarity to Elden Ring’s Epic soundtrack.

As the name suggests, the Kraken Ultimate RGB is also clad with colourful lighting, so you won’t have to worry about standing out at LAN events. It also syncs up with other lighting ecosystems, like Philips Hue, meaning your headset can fit in with your other flashy products.

Impressive audio and aesthetics aside, the Kraken Ultimate RGB also comes with cooling gel-infused cushions, a boon that will prevent any discomfort during lengthy gaming sessions. If you’re planning on spending hours within your favourite game with a friend, you’ll be pleased to know the headset is also armed with a noise-cancelling mic, which should help keep game chat seamlessly flowing during gameplay.

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