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Controversial and “realistic” FPS Ready or Not hits full 1.0 release

Ready or Not, the police-based tactical FPS game, arrives at its 1.0 launch, following various controversies in its early access period.

Controversial and “realistic” FPS Ready or Not hits full 1.0 release: A mean in a spec ops outfit kneeling down looking through a sniper rifle lens out of a window in front of a bare wooden cabinet

Originally launched back in 2021, it’s been a long road to the full, 1.0 release of Ready or Not. A tactical FPS in the vein of the classic SWAT series, it casts you as armed police officers, dispatched to a series of hostage situations, shootings, and sieges. Boasting “realistic gameplay,” single player and co-op modes, and allowing for a variety of different strategic approaches, Ready or Not is designed to be tense, punishing, and vivid. Leaving Steam Early Access on Wednesday, December 13, Ready or Not has also faced controversy in the past owing to its depiction of police violence, and its inclusion of missions that were perceived as being based on real-world mass shootings.

Ready or Not 1.0 introduces a number of technical improvements and new features, marking the most complete version of the long-running FPS game so far. There are new formation commands, new orders that you can issue to teammates, an overhaul of the entire breaching and room clearing system, and more realistic movement and AI behaviors. Void Interactive shares an in-depth new trailer, showcasing the changes that have been made to enemies and NPC comrades.

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Ready or Not 1.0 also marks the launch of a new single-player campaign, ‘Commander Mode.’ As David ‘Judge’ Beaumont, the leader of the fictional LSPD SWAT unit, you need to select your teammates, lead them through a variety of high-stakes missions, and monitor their wellbeing.

If you put your team members into stressful situations, it will impact their mentality and may result in them quitting. Similarly, if a member of your squad is killed, they cannot be revived – Commander Mode uses a perma-death system for your companions.

In the past, Ready or Not has been the subject of controversy due to Void Interactive’s comments about possible new missions, or because of missions that were included in earlier versions of the game but subsequently removed.

In 2020, a developer from Void Interactive responded to a Reddit thread asking if Ready or Not would include a mission based around a school shooting. “You better believe it’s gonna,” the developer wrote. In 2022, Ready or Not launched a new mission set within a nightclub. The launch coincided with the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016. Void Interactive later removed the mission.

If you want to try the full version, make sure to check the full Ready or Not system requirements.

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