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Ready or Not’s January update will rejig the current maps with new modes

The Ready or Not January update will be adding new game modes to the existing maps, and more.

The Ready or Not January update will add new game modes to current maps

Rainbow Six and SWAT successor Ready or Not will be getting a big January update, developer VOID Interactive has revealed. The first Ready or Not update of 2022 will include a range of improvements, new weapons, a greater variety of dialogue, and most importantly – new game modes for the maps.

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS in the style of classic SWAT or Rainbow Six games – as opposed to the newer and quicker Rainbow Six Siege – and it’s just come off a great holiday period. After releasing in Steam Early Access just before Christmas, it became the best-selling game on Steam during the Winter Sale – despite not actually being on sale.

However, developer VOID Interactive admitted that it was releasing Ready or Not earlier than it would’ve liked, and the current version is a particularly “early stage” beta. It’s great for fans to hear, then, that VOID Interactive has confirmed that a January update is right around the corner – with a number of welcome improvements.

The biggest addition coming in the update is the new game modes being added to Ready or Not’s current maps, which will make a welcome change. There will also be new and improved weapons and changes on the voice acting side, with a new actor for Tactical Operation Command and several “outdated” lines being cut. VOID also plans to adjust civilian AI, improve voice commands, and give admins and hosts more power to kick unruly players.

As for when the new update will drop, VOID says that the Ready or Not Supporter Alpha branch will definitely get it in January for testing first before the developer launches it for all Early Access players. Ready or Not is already filling the single-player Rainbow Six-style game gap that Siege missed out on, so hopefully it will continue to get updates throughout the year to make it even better.